2017 Healthy Eating Challenge

Off the Wagon

Once again January 1 has rolled around and similar to so many people I have realized that I have gone off the wagon again. To be honest I fell off the wagon some time ago and now it has rolled down the hill and is speeding off without me.

I really do try very hard to eat healthy most of the time but over the last few months I have been very busy at work which leads to a lot of eating out, very few properly planned meals and a thickening around the mid-section. Add to that the Christmas season, which I actually caught myself saying to a friend early in December that I was off the wagon at that point but with Christmas so close what was the point I might as well enjoy and then get back on the wagon in January.

Yikes – what a mistake and yes I know better. My pants are all tight. Rather than buy all new pants it’s time to focus on making better choices.

Back on the wagon – Paleo

In all seriousness the bigger issue for me is that I have lost my energy and I want it back! To start 2017 I’m going to focus on clean eating and trying to get back to some regular exercise – when I get busy at work that tends to be the first thing to go!

Last year I tried eating Paleo for a couple of months and have to say I haven’t felt that good probably ever. The “diet” is a lot of work and requires you to make pretty much everything from scratch. I don’t mind putting in the work but the reality is that when life gets busy Paleo is very hard to maintain. That being said I’d sure like to try again because I really did feel amazing and I did look at food differently, even if only for a while (says the girl that ate a whole cheeseball only a few short days ago). Here is my Paleo version of left over turkey dinner – swap a sweet potato for the mashed and stay away from the stuffing and cranberry and you have a healthy meal that was delicious!


I really like Paleo because you are not restricting calories. You eat clean food until you are full and the idea is that you will fuel your body with good food that your body will use efficiently. I do not like to diet, I don’t like being hungry and I really don’t want to eat pre-packaged food or live off of shakes. I also think everyone has to find what works for them and make sure they do it in a healthy way and if necessary with their doctor’s approval (geez you think I had a lawyer review this post).

My January Goals:
  1. Eat strictly Paleo/Whole30 for 31 days
  2. Drink 4 litres of water a day
  3. Exercise daily (even if it is only a walk)
  4. No alcohol


I’d like to try to stick to an 80% Paleo diet for the rest of the year after that letting a few “normalcies” back in once I have gotten in range of the wagon. I really believe in balance (I have to say that so that I can squeeze in a piece of chocolate cake here and there) and that we have to give ourselves a break. Our lives are busy and sometimes we will have to grab something quick or eat on the fly but most of the time if we can plan ahead and make good choices our bodies and minds will thank us.

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