Our 2017 Hiking challenge – January 1, 2017


My dad was always a big Tony Robbins fan. I remember him reading and listening to lots of motivational materials when I was young and from that time he has always talked about the importance of setting goals. He also got me hooked on the outdoors, camping hiking and travelling, here we are in 2002 in Machu Picchu, Peru!

In 2014 I was given the opportunity to participate in a women’s leadership program through LMI Canada. The program is all about learning skills necessary to accomplish your goals. I have for the last three years set countless goals and funny enough it is true – so many of those things have now come true. I have started to travel and have now gone on two amazing trips with dear friends to see somewhere new and connect with people who are important to me. I have finished projects around our house that were important to me and that have made our home a refuge and comfortable place for us to enjoy our downtime.

My partner Kirby even got in on the action. He saw me setting these goals and getting all these things done. It is amazing what you accomplish when you write it down and take decisive action towards a goal!

In typical New Year’s fashion we sat down on New Year’s Day last year with a pot of coffee and my enormous agenda book to make some plans for 2016. There were a number of things we added to the list but the biggest thing was that we decided was that we love to hike, canoe and spend time outdoors so we made a list of specific hikes we wanted to do, we decided to take the kids on a canoe trip and we made ourselves a challenge to hike 250km over the course of the year.


The hiking challenge was the first time we have set a specific common goal that really got us both excited. Some of the best time we have spent together has been in the outdoors and this was a chance to challenge ourselves physically and spend some great quality time together. We had a great year of hiking and completed a ton of amazing hikes and other outdoors challenges!


So this year we decided to do it again! Yesterday was January 1 and we loaded the kids into the car and headed for Rockwood Park. We went for a quick 5km through the snow and talked about what we wanted to accomplish this year personally and as a family. The following are a list of our hiking goals:


  1. Kirby and I to hike 300km and 100km of those with the kids
  2. A family multi-day trek
  3. To get to Campobello Island hiking
  4. To get to Kouchibouquac National Park hiking
  5. To hike all of the trails in Rockwood park


It was a lot of fun to discuss goal setting and now we just need to get organized to make it happen – stay tuned!

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