The 28 day yoga challenge

Do you love a challenge? I do! It gets me excited and keeps me motivated to a goal.

The Challenge

I read the other day on Facebook that one of my favorite yoga spots was hosting a 28-day yoga challenge. Complete 28 classes in 28 days. Every class you go to you get a sticker and there is a board you can put them on to track your progress. Fun and a challenge even better!

There is no better month for me than February for this challenge. February is not my month. I am usually down with the winter blahs. I am tired and usually at my least active.

My Yoga Practice

I love yoga. I did my first yoga class with my mom about 20 years ago. It was a gentle Hatha class and I love it from that first class. It makes me feel strong and centers me. As you can imagine I have a lot on my mind all the time. I have learned (most of the time) the ability to clear my mind, be intentional and focus on my body and my breath during a class.

I don’t have a regular practice at home. I would not call myself a yogi. That being said I’ve gone to lots of classes in lots of studios and I know I love yoga and the way it makes me feel.

I have a couple of places I go in Saint John. It depends on my schedule and my budget. Yoga classes are not inexpensive. They are 100% worth it when I can squeeze it in though!

Saint John Yoga Co-op

I have gone to the Yoga Co-op a lot in the last year or so. My friend Katherine brought me for the Saturday “Weekend Warrior” class and I haven’t looked back. I really like their classes and their instructors. There are two instructors that use to work at a different studio and I have taken classes with them for about 10 years. Vanessa teaches the weekend warrior class most of the time and it is tough, this past Saturday we did the primary Ashtanga series, if you go to youtube you can watch lots of videos of the “pros” doing it and it is crazy (I just watch a couple – ack)!

I like that they are very inclusive. They don’t judge anyone and I never feel like I’m not enough of a Yogi when I am there.

Anyone who has done classes has been to a studio where everyone is BIG TIME into yoga. I go to a studio sometimes in Charlottetown and I love the classes but I always feel a bit self-conscious because everyone is very serious about their practice. They also move VERY quickly and if you don’t know what you are doing you are sunk!

I have never felt that way at the Co-op. They take their time to help explain the postures and help those who might need some guidance. For me even more importantly every class is different! There are many studios that practice a certain style of yoga and will do the same routine every class. That is not my style. I have done enough yoga to know most of the poses so I’m happy to mix it up.

It is also not too “out there”. Yogi’s can be very intense about the spiritual side of the practice and although I have a lot of respect for their intensity I am definitely a recreational yogi. I like that the Co-op definitely includes the spiritual side of yoga but it’s not over the top making it accessible for the average person.

I have also taken our daughter Ingrid to a couple of classes (thank you Megan and Jackie for including her and allowing her to leave feeling very capable). This is definitely not something I would suggest you do without asking ahead of time and making sure your child can make it through a class. Ingrid has done a fair bit of yoga, both in classes at school and with me at home. She is also quite mature, which means she isn’t talking all through the class and not getting bored and being disruptive. Trust me Yogis don’t take kindly to that. Here we are after the “Gentle Flow & Restore” Class last night.

So here goes my challenge. I’ve set up a dash board so you can keep track of my progress (and so can I) and I’ll try to write a couple times this month to give you a run-down of a few of the classes and how it is going. I am already 8 days into the challenge and am 8 for 8.

I feel more flexible and balanced already 🙂



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  1. Inspiring. I take my 7 year old to Sunday kids yoga at Amana, and she loves it. She inspires me to keep up with that mindfulness practice that often eludes us all. Good luck Veronica!

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