Shoes and Coffee Drinks

 A little time for you

Sometimes all you have is a few minutes to squeeze in a little moment for yourself. This past weekend we had friends over, hockey games, singing performances and a myriad of normal life things to take care of like laundry and taking care of children. In every week I try to squeeze in a couple things for me, to balance out all of the other things I do for everyone else.

The Shoe Store

On Saturday we went for a walk to this great little independent shoe store we have. It is called the Urban Shoe Myth and it has a really neat little eclectic mix of shoes that are trendy and different. I like the store because they carry good quality items and I am a big fan of buying good quality stuff and taking good care of it. I have been wanting a little boot with a heel so I thought… lets go pop in and see what they have.

This may have been a mistake because within 2 minutes of entering the store my daughter sees a pair of $300 boots that she falls in love with and proceeds to try them on. Funny enough the boots do look great on her and of course she asks me to buy them for her. She is 11.  There is not a chance in heck (and no that is not the word I would use if this weren’t being published) I will buy her a pair of heels or for that matter spend $300 on a pair of her shoes, but I let her try them on and have the moment.

I then told her she could come back and buy the boots when she had a job and money of her own.

I did end up finding a lovely pair of boots for myself though and they were on sale which is always a bonus!

 Support Local – but beware of the Overlap Effect

I love supporting a local store when possible.

Sometimes shopping local you do run the risk in a smaller town of what I call the “overlap effect”. The first time I bought a pair of shoes in Saint John I was new to town and was articling. I was going to a dinner and I didn’t have an appropriate shoes for such a grown-up event. So, I went to the local shoe store, Manchester Shoes. Manchester is also a great little independent shoe store.

I found this very cool pair of black pumps that had cute little studs in them. They were professional but also a little fun and edgy.

The night of the event I was introduced by one of the partners in the firm to his wife. She looks down and we are wearing the same shoes (I was mortified)… The overlap effect.

Despite the risk of the overlap effect, when you find something you love and you can buy it from a local owner, it makes a big difference in your local community. I really don’t worry about overlapping the way I used to either. Now I am proud to be part of my community whenever possible. Even if it means sharing the spotlight with a fellow local spporter.

 Coffee Shop

After the shoe store we popped down to Second Cup, which is my favorite coffee shop in town. I used to go to Second Cup in Halifax and I always liked their coffee and atmosphere. I really like the staff who works there as well. They know us well and always take a minute to chat.

I indulge in the occasional fat free (which means made with skim milk/almond milk and skip the whipped cream – it is all about balance) Vanilla Latte or Peppermint Mocha. The mocha is hot chocolate with a shot of espresso and a shot of sugar free peppermint syrup. Not on the Canada Food Guide for nutritional value but it makes me smile.

The girls had their own version of this treat. A steamed milk with a shot of flavoured syrup. Then we walked down the street and talked about our day as we headed back to the car to go back to the crazy of the afternoon to come.

Now this little interlude would have been just as much fun if I hadn’t bought the boots, sometimes just trying things on in a nice store and feeling good about yourself can be enough. That being said… a $5 splurge on a latte (or whatever speaks to you) can change your day – I don’t do it often but when I do it makes me smile and it is a real treat!



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