My name is Veronica Ford. I am a lawyer, partner, step-mother, hiker, baker, cook, reader, yogi, sewer, traveller and aspiring writer.


I have been driven and independent my whole life. I was raised by two very  individuals who wanted a lot for the life of their family. I had my first job at 12, was lifeguarding by 15 and never stopped, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever been less than “busy”. I personally have come to loath the term busy because I don’t think I’m busy, I’m just trying to “get it all in”. I read something written by an 80-year-old recently and this was the term she used to describe all of the things she was still doing, she was trying to “get it all in” before it was too late. She meant that she didn’t have time to slow down or stop because she wanted to get as much in that she wanted to do before she died. Okay perhaps a little morbid but she is so right!


I had this great night with my girlfriends a few years ago. We were in a friend’s hot tub talking all about our bucket lists, that list of things we want to do before we kick the bucket. It occurred to me that most of the things I wanted to do were things I needed to start doing because a few years from now I might not want to or be able to do them anymore. I also noted that most of my friends (who at the time were in their mid-thirties and starting families) were already starting to say “I’m too old for that” or “I use to do that but I don’t do that anymore”. I made myself a promise that night that I would never stop doing the things I love to do and I also decided I better figure out what I love to do because between work and the kids I wasn’t doing much for myself.

That being said I have never had a shortage of things I love to do but it is amazing as you get busy with “real life” that you stop doing those things. You run out of time, money and energy to do all the things you love to do or that you said you would do when you were younger and had no money or time because I was in school.


That night in the hot tub got me thinking about what I love to do and what is important to me (in no particular order):

  1. Hiking/being outdoors
  2. Reading
  3. Physical fitness, a desire to be healthy and fit throughout my life
  4. Travel
  5. My family and friends

So why a blog? This random night of  ago has driven me to do so much more than I use to do, especially for myself. Now people are always asking “what are you up to now”. The question always leads to some answer that amazes me.


My partner and I love to get outdoors and we love to do things, we hike, we canoe, we fish (okay mostly he fishes and I read on the river bank), but we rarely “do nothing”.

I really just want to share these experiences with anyone who might be interested in trying something new. Anyone who wants to maintain their sense of identity through the working/kid years. Anyone who needs a place to get ideas (many of these ideas are not all my own and you will see lots of places where I will reference where these ideas came from!). Anyone who needs some inspiration or who just wants to “get it all in”.